What is the 8CM?


All creations on the earth have their own particular character based on what they are made of and how the components are arranged.  Human bodies are made up of the five viscera and the six entrails.  Different arrangements of the viscera and entrails make up eight different body types.  These body types are called Eight Constitution Medicine.

There are three unique characteristic of body type.  First is hereditary.  For example, one’s blood type is based on the blood type of one’s parents.  Eight Constitution Medicine (ECM) body types are hereditary such as how genes are inherited from the parents.  Second characteristic of ECM body type is invariable.  It does not change.  For example, blood type you are born with doesn’t change and it is same for your ECM body types.  Third characteristic is that each body type is distinctively different from other. For example, some types are prone to have diabetes.  Some types are born with the weak gastro-intestine, and therefore they are prone to have a herniated stomach.  Some types are born with the weak large intestine and therefore it is easy for them to acquire diarrhea or large intestine disease.  People who are born with weak large intestine suffer from diarrhea and when it becomes chronic condition, they will easily suffer from depression.  Some types will suffer from the immune disease, such as allergy, by consumption of meat in their diet.     

Human body consists of five viscera and five entrails.  The five viscera are liver, heart, lung, kidney, and pancreas. The five viscera are directly connected to vitality of the human life.  If one of the viscera is damaged, one’s life will be in danger.  However, five entrails are not directly connected to one’s life and people survive even after the organs have been surgically removed.   Each viscera and entrails work and function independently and each create its own energy and share the energy one another and make balance in the body and maintain one’s life.      

Eight body types are distinguished by configuration of the strength and weakness of the five viscera and five entrails.  Each body types have distinct characteristics.  One’s body types, their body shape, characters, talents, voice and even scent of the body will be unique from one another.

For example, Hepatonia type has a strength order of the following:  Liver>Heart>Kidney>Pancreatic>Lung.  Basically, hepatonia type of the body has a strongest energy of the liver and weakest energy of the lung.  Therefore, one’s physical appearance and emotional tendency are affected by liver viscera.  Pattern of strongest and weakest order of the viscera will show difference of viscera’s functionality. Each type will be shown anatomically differently as well.   

Eight Constitution Medicine(ECM) use different treatment method for the same disease because different body types have different etiology and pathology of the disease.  For instance, if someone has the irritable bowel syndrome and suffer from the diarrhea and stomachache, the treatment will be different depending on their body constitution.  There are eight different treatments for eight different constitutions. Once the body constitution is distinguished, body constitution acupuncture and body constitution herbs will be used. For addition, proper food selection and exercise will be recommended for prevention of the disease and pursuit of the healthy life style. 

In history medicine, there are many theories regarding the difference of a person’s body from another.  However, the eight constitution medicine is the only type of medicine that has a detailed diagnostic and treatment method for each body types. 

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