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Pulmotonia body type will suffer from the allergic diseases when they eat meat.  This is because they are born with a weak liver.  Eating mainly vegetables and have more time standing with back straight will help them stay healthier.  Atopic dermatitis is a unique disease of this type.  It is caused by eating too much meat in their overall diet.  Characteristic of this type is not being practical, and don’t like to be exposed and not social with others.  Suitable work for them will be a physicist, physician, and musician.  Drinking cold water in the morning, are good for them but drinking alcohol is harmful for their health due to their weak liver.  However, moderate amount of wine is helpful for them and eating Asian melon will be very useful for them to lose weight.   

Harmful Diet :
Any type of meat, fresh water fish, coffee, tea, flour, sorghum, zucchini, hot pepper, garlic, taro, lotus root, mushroom, job’s tear, root vegetables, soybeans, chestnut, apple, pear, melon, ginkgo, deer antlers, ginseng, warm bath, mountain climbing, penicillin. 

Beneficial Diet :
Any sea fish, green vegetables, crab, clams, salted fishes, white rice, buckwheat, barley, red bean, green bean, wormwood, cucumber, eggplant, napa cabbage, cabbage, bracken, glucose, cocoa, chocolate, banana, strawberry, peach, cherry, persimmon, Asian melon, quince, ice, acidic water, glucose injection.  Deep breath exercises that breath out longer.

Exercise :  
Moderate sking and swimming that doesn’t make you sweat much is recommended.

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