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The height of the human body is 70 % determined by genetic factors and another 30 % is determined after birth by the following four factors:
1. Exercise. 
2. Adequate sleep. 
3. Essential nutrients to nourish the body. 
4. The effect of Endocrine function in the body. 
So we have 30 % opportunity to influence the height of a person. However, the treatment also depends on the age of the patient, usually 10-18 years age range is the ideal age range for this treatment. If the child is too young, it will be difficult to explain the treatment to him so that he could understand and if the child is too old, the result may not be so effective. As the epiphyses plate may have been closed and hence more growth is not possible. On the average, this closure is later in male than female.

Through a specially made device, we stimulate the pituitary gland to secret more HGH(Human Growth Hormone) into the body to trigger growth. There can never be an excess of HGH(Human Growth Hormone) in the body since the body will naturally remove the excess HGH from the blood maintaining a perfect level. Once the HGH is in the body, it needs to be guided to work bones and tissues to make person grow. The eastern traditional medicine theory relates bone to kidney and it is related to pituitary gonad axis. Therefore, we use acupuncture on this theory to increase and to guide HGH to human growth. Acupuncture can also stimulate tissues and muscles to prevent spasm or muscle stretch.

For treatment to be more effective, the patient must cooperate with the doctor by follow healthy lifestyle as below:

1. Maintain a happy, cheerful attitude and avoid stress. 
2. Exercise regularly. This will increase metabolism rate which in turn stimulate fast absorption of nutrients to nourish the body. 
3. Have adequate sleep; get to bed at regular time. Growth hormone is secreted during night time sleep. 
4. Have a balance diet, intake food from all the five food groups with adequate calcium intake.
The assessment is done every 3 months for each course of treatment. The result for each case depends on the factors mentioned above. The result can be seen in the second month of the treatment.

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